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This Web Site is intended to preserve and share the genealogy of the Smerczynski, Bozek and allied families that include the Gonet and Barnes surnames. It is a work in progress and is by no means complete. The pertinent genealogical data on the deceased members of the various families is presented in the master index and list of surnames. The details of various family pedigrees, descendancy lines, virtual cemeteries, and photographs will be added to the site as time goes on.

It took years to compile the data contained herein and many people have contributed to the records. Questions about the Smerczynski and Pelczarski families from Ed Pell provided the impetus for me to become involved in genealogy. Walt Urbanek shared original Polish vital records that have many common lines between our families and date back to the 1700's. Emily Magusiak and Cliff Abbott added to those lines. Helen Bozek Schult and Mary O'Connor Michaud sent notes with valuable names and dates. Talks with Frank Smerczynski and Charlie (Smerczynski) Smith, Jr. before they passed away contributed to the history and the lore. I have been in touch with many other people form all the families that are tied together. They are too numerous to list here but their contributions are just as valuable and greatly appreciated.

I hope more people will come forward so that the lines can be perpetuated. It goes with out saying that all additions and comments are welcome. Each and all are welcome to submit more data, add more genealogical lines, correct erroneous information, and more importantly send photographs. Photographs can be scanned and returned. Send email to:

Jim Smerczynski